Welcome to the Wild West Heritage Foundation

The Wild West Heritage Foundation was created to support projects that preserve the historical importance of livestock in the Wild West. In the 19th century, livestock was the core of the economy in Dodge City, Kansas, dramatized by countless books and movies relating to cattle drives and heroic ranchers and farmers trying to survive against the odds.

Our broad definition of  livestock extends to herd animals like buffalo that once roamed the plains in the millions. By offering the public living exhibits of  the livestock common in our history, we help to showcase the resources of our past so that new generations can appreciate what life was really like in the Wild West.

Live Buffalo and Longhorn Exhibit Now Open!

The Wild West Heritage Foundation is proud to announce an exciting – and unprecedented –  new attraction in Dodge City, Kansas. A Buffalo and Longhorn Exhibit is available to tourists and residents year-round.

Butler National Service Corporation has offered use of the available land near Boot Hill Casino & Resort

and United Wireless Arena for the Buffalo and Longhorn Exhibit .